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Making elections more accessible in Rajasthan
with mSVEEP & matdaan360

Project commissioned by District Administration, Chittorgarh & Alwar,
with inputs from the Election Commission of India and Chief Electoral Officer, Rajasthan

In India, several million new voters get added to the electoral rolls every year. So, come election time, maximizing voter engagement and participation becomes a primary focus for the Election Commission of India (ECI) and State Election Commissions. Administrations across the country constantly plan and undertake several initiatives to this end. And in the late 2010s it became evident that digital age targeting, to engage millennial and Gen-Z voters and increase awareness overall, would be crucial.

In 2018, the then District Collector of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, IAS Inderjeet Singh, who later became Collector of District Alwar, Rajasthan, took initiative in his district and engaged Mobiquel to come up with app-based solutions for 1) Increasing voter engagement and 2) bringing all the election machinery of a district onto a single mobile platform for smoother co-ordination.

The fruits of this collaboration were our apps mSVEEP and matdaan360, which were effective during the Rajasthan Assembly Elections of 2018 and the Lok Sabha Election of 2019 in the Chittorgarh and Alwar districts, respectively. These apps were approved and supported by ECI and the Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan.

mSVEEP is a citizen-facing mobile app and includes features like information about SVEEP events and initiatives, an event gallery, the BLO directory, and a social wall for posting selfies during voting day. The app further has several calls-to-action and engagement tracking features. In fact, the app's most popular feature, the interactive mock polls—a gamified tutorial for new voters to learn the voting process—was used by more than 150,000 citizens from Alwar during the 2019 Lok Sabha Election alone.

matdaan360 is an app meant for internal use by administration officials within the district election machinery, to help them coordinate and communicate seamlessly with each other before, during, and after elections. A key highlight of the app, for instance, is its use for the real time reporting of Polling Day events by all PROs from their respective polling stations.

mSVEEP and matdaan360 together greatly helped the district administrations of Chittorgarh and Alwar to engage both citizens and officials. In 2020, mSVEEP was shortlisted by ECI for the Best Electoral Practices Award (SVEEP) and on National Voters Day (25th January, 2020), it was given this Award by the Hon’ble President of India in Delhi.

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