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Connecting Ladakh through Heli and AN-32 Kargil Courier Services

Project commissioned by the Civil Aviation Department and Administration of the Union Territory ofLadakh

Chartered flights and helicopters have brought the various regions of the district of Ladakh closer to each other, but not everybody could access them as needed. So, the Civil Aviation Department of Ladakh commissioned a web booking and information platform.

In 2020, we built this platform to be familiar, dynamic, and responsive, enabling citizens to book helicopter services to more than 20 sectors, book chartered passenger flights, and avail the AN-32 Kargil Courier Service within minutes from the comfort of their homes. Anybody from tourists, to locals, to army professionals, healthcare professionals, emergency services, government officials, and others can learn about the region, book flights, know the required guidelines, and download boarding passes through this platform. Users also receive important notifications regarding mobility within the region before they travel.

Further, admin teams and liaison officers can create and manage flight schedules, make priority bookings for passengers in critical/emergency cases, issue digital boarding passes with QR codes, trigger reporting SMS, generate manifests and documents in the required Airforce format, use a scanner app for scanning boarding passes, and process refunds.

It is worth mentioning that this manner of booking the AN-32 Kargil Courier Service was a pioneering effort. The Ladakh District Administration, with support from the Indian Airforce, runs the Kargil Courier Service from January to March when there is extreme cold and the roadways are covered with snow. During this time, the AN-32 Kargil Courier Service becomes the only available means of transport for citizens who need to travel from Kargil to Jammu and Srinagar, and vice-versa.

Mobiquel has been managing AN-32 booking operations since 2021, when it went live. As of 2023, more than 5500 passengers have seamlessly availed the critical AN-32 Kargil Courier Service through this web portal, and this has received great admiration and acknowledgement from all of Ladakh.

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