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Delhi Aggregator Portal

Project commissioned by CEEW and the Delhi Transport Department, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi.


The Delhi Aggregator Portal is an initiative by the Delhi Transport Department to regulate cab aggregator and delivery service providers operating in the National Capital Territory(NCT) of Delhi. Launched in 2024, the portal aims to streamline the licensing process, ensure compliance with regulations, and promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in the sector.

  • Regulation: Establish a central platform for licensing and monitoring cab aggregators and delivery service providers,ensuring a fair and safe environment for all stakeholders.
  • Transparency: Facilitate easy access to information about regulations and compliance requirements for all stakeholders.
  • Efficiency: Streamline the application and approval process for licenses, benefiting both the government and businesses.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Encourage the adoption of EVs in the transportation and delivery sectors,with positive impacts for the environment and public health.
  • Customer Protection: Facilitate a grievance Redressal mechanisms for customers.
  • Delhi Transport Department:
    Responsible for developing, implementing,and overseeing the Delhi Aggregator Portal. It has Increased efficiency in processing applications, improved data collection for better regulation,and potentially increased revenue through streamlined licensing fees.
  • Cab Aggregators and Delivery Service Providers:
    Businesses that utilize the portal to apply for licenses,upload fleet details,and comply with regulations. They benefit from a streamlined process and clear communication of requirements.
  • Passengers and Customers:
    Individuals who use cab aggregator and delivery services. The portal indirectly benefits them by enhancing safety due to strict compliance with regulations and potentially improved service quality due to a more efficient industry.
  • Driver-Partners and Delivery Personnel:
    Though not directly interacting with the portal,they are impacted by the regulations and policies enforced through it. Ideally,the portal should contribute to a fairer and safer work environment for them.
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturers:
    The portal's focus on EV adoption creates apotential market for electric two-wheeler and car manufacturers.
Key Features
  • Online Licensing: The portal provides a single platform for aggregators and delivery services to apply for licenses,upload fleet details,and pay fees.
  • Centralized Dashboard: The Transport Department maintains a dashboard to trackthe progress of the scheme, monitor compliance,and analyze data.
  • EV Promotion: The scheme mandates that a certain percentage of new fleet additions be electric vehicles.
  • The Delhi Aggregator Portal is a significant step towards regulating andstreamlining the growing cab aggregator and delivery service sector in the NCT of Delhi.
  • Web App (Operators - Aggregators, DSPs and E-Commerce Entities & Department Officials)
  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Deployment & Maintenance