Make My Trip

Make My Trip Thailand, India’s leading online travel company.

Mobiquel got the opportunity to work on an important project for MakeMyTrip. We're working on an Android & iOS App to be launched for end customers and lounges in Thailand, serving the purpose of providing information about places to visit in multiple categories, Package deals, currency converters and many more with an audio guided interface. The app is soon to be launched on Android & Apple Playstores.

The app serves as an excellent self guide for a tourist to Thailand visiting places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket to begin with.

Android App iOS App

Our Role

Mobiquel is the technology partner of Cabchooze and is behind the end-to-end technology implementation for the entire solution. Our Director, Vibhor is also the CTO of Cabchooze. We've developed a deep expertise of the taxi domain with map based features, user-driver interaction and complex algorithms running the entire show.

The driver app is built with a host of features such as location based tracking, Make a bid, Google Map Integrations, Push Notifications, Timers, Rate User and lot more.

The complete backend and the Admin Panel of the Cabchooze solution is also developed by Mobiquel and in process we developed lot of sophisticated and complex algorithms and implementations enriching our expertise in travel domain.

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