mSIS - Career Launcher


mSIS is a Mobile version of Student Information System. Career Launcher students can connect this app to the SIS account they have and access the test gym features on their mobile. Classroom students can also access the class schedule and give feedback to the faculty. The latest version has two new features - Word of the Day and Daily GK Update The mSIS is useful for CL students - MBA, UPSC, Law, Bank, SSC and After-12 Programs

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Our Role

Mobiquel is very closely working with CL in defining experiences for Mobile. We transformed the revolutionary Student Interface System (SIS) and created mSIS, helping students access TestGym Module, Class Schedules, Notifications, History and Word of the day modules on mobile. Available on Android as of now, the app is soon going to be available on iOS.

The application is dynamic and runs on webservices with push notification integration and completely dynamic and robust test gym module, supports Android 2.3+ and runs on almost all Android Devices.

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