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To address the growing needs of faster and smoother operations in retail and customer endpoints, we have created a perfect POS solution that does much more than just regular POS machines.

Mobiquel has developed mPOS, a product that addresses your needs inside a shop, restaurant, hotel and anywhere where you need a handy mobile POS solution that can do transactions on the go, print receipts on the go and do any kind of business logic and cloud based activity anytime/anywhere.

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Our Role

mPOS is an Android based solution that is functional on both mobile and tablets. It can support multiple users based out of multiple locations with authentication. It has an interface with a wireless bluetooth printer to print customised receipts on the go in offline mode. mPOS is also connected to a cloud backend with sync feature to sync transactions in the presence of the network. It also has provisions to include business logics and ability to export historical records in excel format on the device or share on mail.

mPOS is available as a product offering by Mobiquel and can be quickly transformed for any domain of business be it restaurant, hotels, retail outlets, etc, with quality support and future upgrades.

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