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CTET Exam Guide

Career Launcher CTET Exam Guide app is useful for CTET & State TET exams. It also helps teachers for preparing the CTET & State TET exams in an interesting and interactive way anytime anywhere. CTET Exam Guide app is a set of free 35 Topic Tests, each test having 10 or 15 questions, designed as per the pattern of the CTET& State TET exams. These CTET & State TET Topic Tests are provided by Career Launcher and GK Publications. They have been carefully designed keeping in mind the latest patterns of the upcoming CTET & State TET Exams.

Android App

Our Role

Mobiquel is very closely working with CL in defining experiences for Mobile. We have created a brilliant utility for CTET Exam aspirants with features like Speed Tests, Exam Notifications, Word of the Day, Vocab Builder, Gk of the Day as offerings for version 1.0.

The application is dynamic and runs on webservices with push notification integration and completely dynamic and robust test gym module, supports Android 2.3+ and runs on almost all Android Devices. We have also implemented the backend webservice layer for the application.

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